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Realmac launches a nice new image compression software for the web, but the price…

All the images you see here on MacMagazine are compressed / optimized for the web. In our case, we usually edit them in Photoshop or Pixelmator, and then we go through a free and open source utility called ImageOptim. It works great.

Now, Realmac Software, developer of Clear, RapidWeaver and others, has launched a nice new app with the same purpose: the Squash.

Squash - Web Image Compression app icon

With a simple interface linked to animations and sound effects, Squash accepts JPG, GIF or PNG files via drag & drop and does its job of compression / optimization in a few seconds. Visually, the promise that the end result will be imperceptible from the original.

Watch a video presentation:

Squash is on the Mac App Store in launch promotion + sexta-feira Negra with 60% (!) discount, but still comes out a bit salty even more considering that an ImageOptim of free life. Still, #fikdik.