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(Re-) Turn on the light: MacBooks Air may once again have a backlit keyboard

If you were in doubt when choosing between a MacBook Pro and a MacBook Air, your life could be a little more difficult soon. Information obtained by AppleInsider point to the possibility that Apple ultraportable notebooks will again have a very successful feature that was cut in the last update: backlit keyboard.

Backlit keyboard

This feature, which is expected to appear on both 11 and 13 inch models, will add to the many other new features expected for the MacBooks Air line, including Sandy Bridge processors, Thunderbolt ports and high performance NAND flash memory.

These new machines are expected to arrive alongside OS X Lion and new Macs Pro, which may occur later this week (traditionally, releases of new versions of Mac OS X are only on Fridays) or, at the latest, until the end of the month.

(Image: Ken Funakoshi, via Flickr)