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Pretend surprise: current state of 4G / LTE chipsets makes their adoption on the next iPhone unlikely

HTC ThunderBolt

At this point in the championship, anyone who is waiting for an iPhone compatible with 4G / LTE networks and has not taken the horse out of the rain can take advantage of this analysis by iSuppli on the hardware of the HTC ThunderBolt: the components used in this smartphone to connect to networks Fourth generation cellular telephony not only makes it one of the most expensive handsets on the market (US $ 262; US $ 39.75 for 4G components), but also occupies a considerable space.

The price issue would not be an insurmountable problem for Apple, especially if it decided to expand the iPhone models (a ?Pro? model, with 4G, could cost much more than a ?nano?, 3G). However, in terms of space, the Cupertino giant tends to be uncompromising: making the device thicken or giving up a giant battery is out of the question, I'm sure.

In 2012, however, these and other limitations of the first generation of 4G / LTE chips should have been overcome, which greatly increases the chances of seeing an iPhone 4G. There will only be a shortage of coverage of this type.

(via Electronist)