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PC market grows again in the world, while Apple shoots in the United States

More punctual, impossible. Exactly three months after the publication of their latest research, IDC and Gartner today released, almost simultaneously, new data on the PC market in the world and in the United States.

In general, the segment grew again, and in both Apple stood out for a significant jump in the American market.


The global market grew 2.6% in the quarter a little, but it grew, even more considering the momentum smartphones and tablets. 84.4 million PCs were sold in the period.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) remains the leader, with 18.1%, followed by Dell (12.9%), Lenovo (12.2% the fastest growing, 22.9%), Acer (10.9% at which fell the most, -10.1%) and ASUS (5.3%).

IDC on PCs

In the USA, specifically, computer sales were down 4.2% overall, but Apple was once again totally opposed to the sea, with its Mac sales greatly benefiting from the popularity of iGadgets.

HP also leads by 1, with 26.3%, followed by Dell (22.2%), Apple (10.7% the highest, 14.7%), Toshiba (9.1%) and Acer ( 8.5% which plummeted -25.4%).

IDC on PCs


The numbers are similar: 2.3% worldwide growth, reaching 85.2 million units.

On a global scale, HP leads, with 17.5%, followed by Dell (12.5%), Lenovo (12% the fastest growing, 22.5%), Acer (10.9% which plummeted -20.4 %), ASUS (5.2%) and Toshiba (5.2%).

Gartner on PCs

In the US, HP also leads, with 26.9%, followed by Dell (22.6%), Apple (10.7% the fastest growing, 8.5%), Toshiba (9.6%) and Acer (9.3% that plummeted -22.6%).

Gartner on PCs

US sales were 5.6% in the quarter, according to the Gartner survey.

Overall, therefore, great news for Apple and Lenovo; terrible for Acer and pretty much for Dell and Toshiba.