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Only today: store sells iPhones SE, 6s and 6s Plus with up to 31% discount! [atualizado: iPhones 7/7 Plus também!]

Looking for an iPhone for a more, say, attractive price? Then you've come to the right place! ?

O Walmart is with a good promotion of iPhones! To make things easier, we list below the prices practiced by the store and the official (table) prices of products at Apple (which can be divided into up to 12x) and Walmart (which can be divided into up to 10x).

Check out:

If you choose to pay cash (in the boleto), you still have plus 5% discount on top of those values.

Enjoy the promotion, because it ends today! ?

Update 08/01/2017 s 16:54

O Submarine It is also offering great discounts for those who want to buy the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus.

Check out:

Those who pay with the ticket still have 12% discount if it is on the Submarino card, the biggest offer yet!

The devices are running out pretty fast, so hurry up!

tip from Cristiano Brant