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Nokia reveals that Apple paid him over R $ 6 billion for the patent deal

Not so long ago, we inform you that the Apple signed an agreement with Nokia in order to resolve, once and for all, the legal disputes involving patents. The agreement even made the Nokia products that recently acquired the French Withings to be marketed in Ma stores again.

This week, Nokia released its financial results for the last fiscal quarter and some details of the deal have emerged, as reported by Nokiamob. The most relevant of them, undoubtedly, the snitch that entered the Finnish coffers: Apple paid no less than 1.7 billion (equivalent to about R $ 6.2 billion) for the agreement!

As stated at the time, the agreement does not only involve licensing Nokia's inventions. According to the company, there will now be a broader commercial collaboration with Apple in order to enable a ?significant increase in IP routing business units, optical networks and digital health business units over time?. In other words, Nokia should profit a little more from the exposure of its products / businesses.

via 9to5Mac