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Nine more countries will be able to buy on the App Store with their local currencies

The number of Brazilians who buy apps on App Store big. However, this number could be much higher if the charge was not made in dollars and if it was not necessary to have an international card to make purchases. And, before you say that this only occurs in Brazil, I inform you that many places around the world are still in the same boat as us.

There in 2011, when we published about the currency change in China, we hoped that this could soon reach us as well; but, after five years, we see that the thing has not yet turned. However, as ?we are Brazilians and we never give up?, hope has returned now that Apple has announced to developers that ?in the coming weeks? more nine countries will change the payment system of the App Stores, starting to charge in their respective local currencies instead of in dollars: Qatar, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Philippines, Malaysia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Tanzania and Vietnam.

Notice to developers about changes on the App StoreNotice to developers about changes on the App Store

As can be seen in the Apple statement above, the change also affects the developers themselves, who will receive the amounts in their local currency instead of in dollars.

Apple also made a point of warning that, in Egypt, the government has declared that a 13% VAT will be charged on top of the prices presented on the App Store, according to the new regime. There is no procedure similar to this in Brazil because the taxes here are embedded in the final price and, in the case of the App Store, what we pay today is only the 6.38% IOF on the credit card (in addition to the dollar conversion) .

It is difficult to say that taxes exactly would enter the account with the currency change here, so if we take this measure to Brazil, it would not be crazy to see an app that today costs US $ 0.99 and now costs R $ 4.99 or even more counting the conversion plus taxes. It is also good to remember that, adopting this change to the real, these values ??will be periodically adjusted (more or less, of course) according to the fluctuation of the dollar value.

In many ways, this change can be great and we hope it will arrive here soon. In addition to financial issues and practicality, there is still the possibility that perhaps charging in dollars is an illegal action as we explained in this post but, if it really were, surely by now a bomb would have burst on Apple's lap.

(via 9to5Mac)