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New Apple keyboards now have custom buttons for Mission Control and Launchpad

The launch of OS X Lion marks the beginning of a new era for Apple keyboards. But calm down, there will be no design changes, addition of trackpad or keys that recognize gesture yet. As you can see in the image below, captured by iSpazio, the change is minimal, but it will make all the difference.

New hot keys on Apple Keyboard

Just like the MacBooks Air launched the day before yesterday, all future keyboards from Ma will now have new access keys to the Mission Control (whose design is almost identical to the Expos key, only without a frame) and to the Launchpad (six squares in two lines). Unfortunately, the Dashboard access key has been removed: to access it, you must configure an active screen corner or navigate to the dedicated Space for it.

What makes me ask: is anyone else uses own productsat Apple? Exclusive key for Launchpad ?! This number can be accessed by a multi-touch gesture or by the cone in the Dock; why an exclusive key? And I want one, just ONE good reason for that key redundant replace the Dashboard. "Ah, but the Dashboard now has its own Space" BALELA!

If I want to fish for quick information on a widget (the AAPL quote, for example) and go back to what I was doing, now I need to go to the Dock, use an active screen corner or if the Dashboard is not configured as an overlay , go through all active Spaces just a full-screen app for this process to be hell. The Launchpad, which is something rarer to use and does not presume quick comings and goings (in fact, it already works like this: you choose an app and you're already out), has three forms of access, one of which is one. Damn it. Key. On the hardware!

Yes, I must say that I disagree with that decision. : – /

(via 9 to 5 Mac)