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Netflix finally releases function to download and watch movies / series offline

You didn?t read wrong! Finally, the Netflix announced that service users worldwide, including Brazil, can now download their favorite movies and series to watch offline.

Now, you can download multiple titles as long as you have internet connection and watch them later, at any time, even without internet access. It will certainly be a hand of the wheel when we are on long trips or we need to go to those places so far from civilization that we cannot even navigate on a 3G connection.

The news is really wonderful, but it is worth remembering that, for now, not all titles can be downloaded. However, strong names like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Narcos, The Crown, among others, are now available for download!

If you already have the iOS app downloaded, run to the App Store as version 9.0 is now available with this new feature!

Thanks, Netflix! ?

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