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Netflix: 12 tips to get more out of the platform

Netflix has some interesting resources to help subscribers when watching some content; check out some

THE Netflix one of the most popular streaming the world, with around 160 million subscribers on the planet. Even with such success, it is obvious that many subscribers are unaware of some tricks that the platform has to facilitate navigation.

Thinking about it, the Showmetech prepared a list with the main secrets of the platform, which can make your life easier when looking for something in the catalog or simply to improve the experience when watching a movie or series. Check out our tips below.

Disable autoplay

Reproduction of the user profile editing area. Focus on the option of automatic reproduction of previews, which should be unchecked.Screen to disable autoplay

To the delight of many, the Netflix now allows you to disable the automatic playback of your series and movies. These reproductions appear while you are browsing the service interface. streaming.

To inactivate very easily: as soon as you enter the platform, click on Profile Manager; click on the pencil icon over your profile photo; and uncheck Automatically play previews when browsing all devices.

Disable ?Start the next episode ?

Reproduction of the user profile editing area. Focus on the automatic episode start option, to be cleared. Function to prevent a series episode from starting automatically

After finishing watching a series episode, Netflix always start another one automatically after the credits.

If you want to disable this feature for any reason, just follow the step by step: access the Netflix in the browser; in the Account menu, go to My Profile; select Playback settings and uncheck Automatically start the next episode of a series on all devices. Save s.

Remind me function

Smart TV showing call for series 13 Reasons Why at the top and, below, 5 photos arranged horizontally over other attractions.

For those in the habit of seeing Netflix on Smart TV, the Most Recent tab displays the films and series that will arrive in the catalog soon. You can click on the Remind me bell (remind me, in English) to receive a warning when the content opens.

Changing captions

Reproduction of the Subtitles Display area on the Netflix website, showing subtitle style options.You can change some aspects of subtitles

Subscribers to the streaming can make changes to the subtitle display. In the browser (on, go to your profile and select the Account option; then navigate to My Profile and then Display subtitles. Ready! You will find a variety of options that can change the font, background, color and size of the text.

End intruders' session

Reproduction of the user account screen on the Netflix website. Focus on the item End the session on all devices, to be clicked.Use this function to not change your account password

If you want to expel that person who uses your account from Netflix without authorization, know that you do not need to change the password. Clicking Account, scroll down to Settings. Finally, just click Log out on all devices. After that, just confirm the action and all users of the account will have to log in again. That includes you, okay?

Hide thehistorical activities

Screen to hide your activities inside NetflixHistory screen with last user actions

THE Netflix has a history of everything you consumed on the platform. On the page, the user can view the watched titles and those that were also classified as positive or negative.

If you want, the person can hide what was seen from the history. To do this, click on Account; in the My Profile section go to the What has been watched menu. Finally, press on the right circle.

If you prefer, delete the entire history by selecting the Hide all option at the bottom of the page.

Save mobile data

If you want to enjoy the films and series Netflix without consuming your mobile data package, the platform for streaming allows you to disable this function and use only Wi-Fi, for example.

To do this, access the application on your smartphone or tablet; click on your profile; then on ?More?; Application settings; Play video and activate Use of cellular data. You will find the following options: Automatic, Wi-Fi only, Save data and Maximum data.

Request series or movies

Netflix attraction suggestion screen, located in the service's help center.Screen to send suggestions to Netflix

You may not know it, but you can ask for Netflix add series or movies to the catalog. The user can access the help center (click here to access) and mention up to three suggestions. It is important to note that, after including your recommendations, it does not mean that Netflix include productions. Before, the company needs to analyze some points like popularity, cost and availability.

ANDfind Oscar movies

Netflix screen. Featured, the film La la Land. On the top bar, the Movie and Celebrate Oscar menus.Category to find only Oscar movies

A lot of people don't know, but the Netflix has an exclusive section with the nominated films and Oscar winners. To find them simple: first, click on Movies at the top of the app and select All genres. That done, just select the menu Celebrate Oscar.

Share a production on Stories from Instagram

Sex Education series page. Highlight for the Share button, below the synopsis of the attraction.

You can recommend products available on Netflix through Instagram Stories. On the page of the movie or series, next to Rate you can find the Share button. Click on it to bring up the sharing options. Then, a ?Share on?? screen will appear; then just click on ?Instagram Stories?. It is also possible to send on other networks, such as Whatsapp, Twitter, Messenger, Snapchat.

Keyboard shortcuts

Illustrative photo with the hands of a person typing on a backlit keyboardSee how to control a video on Netflix from the keyboard

For you who watch content from Netflix via the laptop or on the desktop, it is also possible to control the video from the keyboard. Check below the available commands:

Space – Toggle Play / Pause

Enter – Toggle Play / Pause

F – Full screen

Esc – Exits the entire screen

Up arrow – Turn up the volume

Down arrow – Lower the volume

M – Mute

Participation in tests

Screen to activate the Netflix Test Participation functionSee the step by step to participate in the ?Participation in tests? of the streaming platform

Subscribers to Netflix you can check all the news that the platform wins. Thus, it will be possible to visualize possible changes before reaching other consumers.

If you are interested, first, access your profile on the website; take into account, configurations; and then click on Test Participation. Finally, slide the button to activate the function.

What did you think of the tips shared here? Do you know another one that was not listed here? Then share it with us below in the comments.