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More information about the “iPhone 8” – and even the Apple Watch – is found in the HomePod operating system

O HomePod (Apple's virtual assistant powered speaker that hits the international market at the end of the year) is on with everything!

The device, this week, the main focus of developers after an update for it painted on Ma?s servers. This is because, when investigating the device?s firmware, developers are finding several curiosities / news not only about the HomePod itself but about the next Apple smartphone, the blessed "IPhone 8".

Mockup Mockup ?iPhone 8?

Check out what we've covered so far on the site on the subject:

But it didn't stop there, no. The developer Steven Troughton-Smith kept looking for news and found a lot. But before going into the details, here's a mention for this tweet:

I guarantee there?s a war room now at Apple showing off their tweets in real time on a giant screen.

This is Renaud Lienhart, a former iOS engineer at Apple who recently left the company and who knows how things work inside. As Steven T-S publishes everything he finds in the bowels of Ma's systems on Twitter, apparently Apple is 100% connected to what the developer has been talking about on the network.

Well, let's get to the news!

No Touch ID ?!

Apparently, I didn't see anything that suggests an ultrasonic Touch ID below the display. It doesn't seem to be this year. You can scratch that one.

I would say that the most significant novelty (or lack thereof) would be this absence of proof of a Touch ID implemented on the device's screen. At least for the time being, absolutely nothing about it has been found by Steven T-S, which makes many people worried because the possibilities would be reduced to a Touch ID on the on / off button or on the back of the device; or no Touch ID, period!

?Tap to activate?

It seems that the new iPhones can support ?Touch to activate?, just like Windows Phones / Lumias.

Many smartphones today already have a feature called ?Touch to activate?. The operation is very simple: touch the screen so that it activates and you can, in a very quick and easy way, view the information on the display.

Currently the iPhone has something similar, the "Lift to activate", in which you simply lift the iPhone from the table or take it out of your pocket and it activates the screen (based on the movement captured by the accelerometer sensor). But it seems that Apple has implemented ?Touch to activate? also on ?iPhones 7s / 7s Plus / 8?.

New status bar

Notice the silhouette of the ?iPhone 8?:

New iPhone design / cone

With this cutout at the top, it is simply impossible to have a status bar exactly the same as we currently have.

The new status bar looks much more complex and powerful in design, perhaps even interactive.

Some strings interesting related (I think you must have seen this).

According to Steven T-S, it has everything to be much more powerful. How exactly she is, no one knows but even because of the space (which will be smaller than the current one and ?divided in half?), Apple must have thought of a way to make her attractive even with this cut there ?hindering? people. things.

We can face the typical case that a problem ends up becoming an opportunity for the company to create something interesting. We'll see!

ARKit and Photos

With a powerful camera like this (with 3D facial recognition), of course we will see news related to ARKit and Photos.

It looks like ARKit and Fotos are getting a lot of new stuff connected to the front-depth camera, like ARFaceAncho.

There are also many new references to facial expression detection.

We don't know the details yet, but the Brazilian Guilherme Rambo he discovered several new references to expressions such as smiles, frowning, dimples and more.

Functional area and Home button

Steven T-S also said that, at least for now, there is nothing to suggest the "iPhone 8" function area, leading him to believe that there will be space for a standard screen there.

The Virtual Start button seems to be just the ?Home indicator? It seems that the operating system has no doubts about hiding it in certain contexts.

Being a virtual button, it makes sense to appear and disappear from the screen according to the content shown, that is, taking into account the context of the system to make an even better use of what should or should not be displayed on the screen.

The keyboard has a new UI (user interface) "dock". It could just be a redesign, but I like to think that (Apple) moved some buttons (globe, microphone) to the area of ??Incio's button.

Furthermore, we are able to see a redesign / rearrangement of the keyboard due to this new functional area that no one knows very well how to work with.

Apple Watch

Believe me: the HomePod firmware brought news even related to the next Apple Watch, which should be released by Apple later this year!

I'm exploring the HomePod IPSW (file) and found something that might interest, @parrots

As we can see in the images, codes bring references to ski monitoring along with some strings that describe items such as distance from snow sports, ski data, type of training activity, etc. In other words, there is something new due to the perhaps related addition of some new sensor to the clock or just something that is the result of more Apple studies carried out in its impressive laboratory.

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The news just keeps coming. There will be little left for Apple to comment on the special device presentation event

via 9to5Mac, MacRumors