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Months after Earth Day, Apple releases yet another video focused on forestry responsibility

In April, just before the Earth's Day (Earth Day), Apple released several themed commercials as well as announced donations to the World Wide Fund (WWF).

After a few months, she published today, kind of "out of nowhere", another video of the same series on her YouTube channel (see above).

Lisa Jackson, the leader in environmental work at Apple, and a group of colleagues went to dinner one night. They ate, drank and came up with a plan to ensure that nearly 1 million acres of forests are managed responsibly by 2020.

Apple's vice president of environmental, political and social initiatives, Lisa Jackson replied to me today on Twitter when I asked him why the video left now:

Because today?

We release them as soon as we complete them. It has been great to work with James Blagden. ??

James Blagden is the artist / illustrator responsible for all these commercials, each hand-drawn.

As an environmental concern never too much, t is worth it! ?