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Monopoly, me? Qualcomm says Apple could buy LTE chips from several manufacturers

THE Qualcomm got into one of those fights that no one asks to get in and how complicated to get out. So, trying to reach Apple where it is most difficult, the chip maker wants to ban imports of some iPhones and iPads to the United States.

Obviously this will not happen without resistance from Ma. What many probably did not expect was support from companies like Google, Microsoft, Samsung and Intel which, through the Association of the Computer and Communications Industry (Computer & Communications Industry Association), requested the United States International Trade Commission (U.S. International Trade Commission, or ITC) that disregards Qualcomm's ban request.

As nothing in this judicial world is left unanswered, Qualcomm tried to accuse the association of making a ?coordinated effort to divert (attention)? from the trade regulator, as informed by Reuters. The company argued that the import ban request is not about the Intel chips used in iPhones and iPads themselves, but rather the patented technology that involves Intel chips in current versions of the devices. Thus, the ban on importing the phones is said to not harm competition in the long run, according to the company already in a future version of the chips Intel could use new technologies without conflict with Qualcomm.

Apple may purchase and use any LTE modem it chooses, provided it does not infringe Qualcomm's patents.

To try to prove its point, Qualcomm said that many other companies (such as MediaTek, Samsung, Marvell, Leadcore, Spreadtrum and HiSilicon) also manufacture chips and could be suppliers to Ma.

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