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iSuppli: Apple remains the largest consumer of NAND flash in the world, but iCloud could change that

In a recent report, IHS iSuppli evaluated the current scenario of NAND flash memory consumption in the world, highlighting Apple as the company that most uses this type of component in its product. About 28.3% of all world production (or 18.5 billion gigabytes) of these chips are destined for Ma products, but that share may fall in the future as the rest of the industry accelerates its adoption and Apple migrates to the cloud.

Predicted consumption of NAND flash - iSuppli

ISuppli's prediction that iCloud will ultimately be responsible for a reduction in the need for memory for local storage in iGadgets. As these are the main products to consume NAND flash, any change in them can result in a severe impact on the industry. Similar services such as Sony's Music Unlimited,'s Cloud Drive and Google's Music Beta may exacerbate this trend.

On the other hand, it is also possible that nothing will change in the market: despite offering storage for music in the cloud, iCloud does not offer the option of streaming, which may not affect memory consumption. In addition, consumers may feel more willing to pay a one-time fee for more local storage than a $ 25 / year iTunes Match subscription.

In short, iCloud and other services cloud computing can cause a reduction in the consumption of NAND flash or not. Being an industry expert seems like a piece of cake, like that.

(via AppleInsider)