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iPod nano and shuffle disappear from Apple's website and are no longer marketed by the company [atualizado]

, my friends We may be witnessing history here today. That's because, without any prior notice, Apple simply removed the iPod nano and shuffle of its website, giving all indications that the traditional laptops have reached the end of their lives.

When visiting (more specifically the music area), we now only find the prodigal son of iPods, the touch. There is no sign of the younger siblings on the company's support page anymore, as they are required to continue offering this type of service to gadget owners for up to five years after they are discontinued.

IPod family

The latest models of the iPod nano and shuffle were launched respectively in September 2012 and 2010, and were sold until then for R $ 1,199 (16GB nano) and R $ 399 (2GB shuffle).

Despite not having died, the touch has also undergone changes and is now only available in two variants (32GB and 128GB), leaving for R $ 1,299 and R $ 1,999. Previously sold on 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB models, they cost R $ 1,399, R $ 1,699, R $ 1,999 and R $ 2,599, that is, there was a small reduction.

The nano and shuffle now join the iPod classic, which was discontinued by Apple in September 2014.

R.I.P., notable little ones! ?

via MacRumors

Update by Rafael Fischmann 07/27/2017 s 13:52

Apple confirmed the obvious by Business Insider: iPod nano and shuffle have been discontinued and the touch line has been simplified.