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“IPhone 7s Plus” dummy gives us an idea of ​​what the device will look like

Anyone who has been following the rumors of iPhones for some time knows the name well Sonny Dickson. It is true that the Australian has been missing some things, but his record of success when it comes to the Apple smartphone impresses. That is why, when your name is involved in some supposed new part dedicated to some upcoming Maa device, we have to take it into account. And it happened now.

O 9to5Mac received some photos sent from Dickson which supposedly show us a unit dummy of ?IPhone 7s Plus?.


Dummy ?iPhone 7s Plus?

As we have already mentioned a few times here on the website, everything indicates that Apple will launch three new iPhone models this year: the ?iPhone 8? (which would be a totally new device) and the ?iPhones 7s / 7s Plus?, which would be versions updated (bringing specific improvements) to the current 7 and 7 Plus.

And what would be the big difference from the ?7s? line to the 7? Structurally speaking, it would undoubtedly be the exchange of aluminum for glass, something essential, much more suitable for the devices to support wireless charging technology, which is supposed to be incorporated in all models launched now in 2017.

And taking into account that it will be all glass, quite capable of not needing any more of those famous stripes for the antennas that, despite being smaller now in line 7, have been with us since the introduction of the iPhone 6.

Everything indicates that the ?iPhone 8? will be the device desired by the public; however, it must arrive for an uninviting price (apparently around US $ 1,000), which justifies the launch of the ?iPhones 7s / 7s Plus?, which have everything to cost basically the same current values ??(in the United States, between US $ 650 and $ 970).

With all this in mind, you: 1. intend to keep your current device; 2. intends to buy an ?iPhone 7s / 7s Plus?; or 3. will you purchase an ?iPhone 8?? Share your plans with us in the comments! ?