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In an interview, Jony Ive talks about Apple Park and reveals that Apple headphones were inspired by Stormtroopers (“Star Wars”)

As we have followed month by month, the Apple Park a gigantic work of art, from those that impress the most lay to the most knowledgeable in architecture and design.

And, for those who like to stay on top of the details of the ?spaceship?, the head of design at Ma, Jony Ive, told a little about some facts of the construction in an interview for the Wall Street Journal with the right photo on the cover.

Jony Ive on the cover of the Wall Street JournalJony ?The iPedreiro? Ive noticed the pose and the pout sexy! ?

One of the interesting parts of the whole new campus project is the massive presence of trees to make the experience as pleasant as possible. A few months ago, we reported that Ma was blamed for a ?scarcity? of trees in that area and Ive now reports that it was not so.

He scoffs at an article claiming that Apple contributed to a shortage of trees in the Bay Area (Baa area), when buying many plants for the campus: "As if we had reached the end of our project and thought: 'Oh, better to plant some more trees!'"

Everything on campus was well planned, including the tree layout. As we have already reported, botanist David Muffly worked for years to create trees of various types, which would total 9,000 across Apple Park.

Regarding the structure of the ?spaceship?, after having reached a conclusion about the design of the building, Ive thought about reducing the entire circumference in smaller parts:

One of the advantages of this ?ring? is the repetition of several segments. Thus, we can be extremely careful and attentive to details in what is essentially a single piece replicated several times. So there is tremendous pragmatism in the building.

Apple Park interiorApple Park interior

Based on this idea, designers and architects created prototypes, but faced a certain problem with noises and sounds passing through the walls. To solve this, the final project has perforated walls to absorb the sound.

However, not all employees will stay in closed areas; many of them will be placed in open spaces, quite different from the small offices that are used today. So computer programmers and engineers are concerned that the work environment is too noisy and distracting.

Although tables (which will be used for brainstorming) now be incorporated into sliding doors that go from floor to ceiling, stay in the central area of ??each segment, engineers are ?freaking out?, thinking that this will not be enough.

Apple Park interiorTables inside Apple Park

The story states that the design itself required four floors, which more than Ive had designed primarily. Still, there are enough floors to, as he said, "you don't need to use elevators, but walking to get to people, walking to meetings."

The idea of ??staying ?on the move? also led the company to make golf carts (electric) available, about 2,000 bicycles painted an ?Apple gray? and other transports for employees to move from one building to another within the construction site megalomaniac, which will be completely mapped and available in the Maps application so that no one gets lost.

As was foreseen, Ive did not speak when the building was officially inaugurated, but stated that his design team would be installed on the fourth floor (along with the Apple Watch and Siri team), in late September or October (that is, in the fall) of the United States), being ?one of the last? which indicates that this would be more or less the deadline for the completion of Apple Park.

Apple Park interiorApple Park interior

Headphones and ?Star Wars?

A curious fact in the matter revealed Ive's relationship with the great Hollywood director, J.J. Abrams. As we have already discussed here, it is known that Ive influenced aspects of one of the films of "Star Wars" (?), but few know that the design head of Apple has also been influenced by the saga:

When J.J. Abrams was working on Star Wars The Awakening Out, Ive mentioned that "I would love to see a lightsaber that was more rudimentary, spitting sparks," said Abrams. The director, who said that he and Ive were already fans of each other's work when they met at a dinner four years ago, used Ive's suggestion to characterize Kylo Ren's weapon. "His lightsaber was as imperfect and unpredictable as the character," says Abrams. (Mutual inspiration: Ive told Abrams that he had the Stormtroopers in mind when you designed Apple headphones.)

The full interview can be read on this page.

via 9to5Mac