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In an interview, Donald Trump says Apple will open three factories in the United States

In an interview with Wall Street Journal, the President of the United States stated that Tim Cook (Apple CEO) has pledged to build three large factories in the country. Donald Trump, of course, did not go into the details, saying only that Cook promised three "big and beautiful factories", which would help the president achieve his economic goal of boosting American manufacturing.

I said, "You know, Tim, unless you start building your factories in this country, I will not consider my administration an economic success." He called me and said that they are going ahead (on this subject).

Trump's statement is quite intriguing for a few reasons: the first is that, when reading something like this, we might think that Apple itself might be really interested in creating factories for its products. And we know it is not so. Currently the Mac Pro is the only ?great Apple product? made in the USA (a responsibility that is in the hands of Flextronics, which has a production line in Austin, Texas). However, Foxconn itself is considering creating a factory on American soil, as we have reported here.

In the interview, Trump touched on the Foxconn issue, saying that the Asian giant should choose to plant its feet in Wisconsin. And this is the point I want to get to: at least for me, it is clear here that we are not talking about the same thing and that, in some way, this Foxconn investment has no connection with the three factories Cook promised. Most likely, if all of this is indeed true, they have to do with the $ 1 billion fund that Ma created to create jobs in the country.

Sought by WSJ, Apple did not want to comment. But with the company's product line growing (HomePod is coming, for example), I don't doubt that some of these future products are already ?Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in USA. ?

Exclusive: a first look at the three promised plants from Apple. Huge.

But as Trump has a somewhat questionable history of claims, perhaps we are talking about plants like this, above. ?