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Huawei announces the arrival of Band 4 in Brazil for R $ 249.99

THE Huawei announced the start of the official sales of Band 4 in the Brazilian market. With suggested price of R $ 249.99, the smartband can be purchased at the brand's kiosks or by partners: Fast Shop,, Submarino and Shoptime.

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Bringing advances over the previous generation as a larger, colorful screen, the device will arrive here with two color options: Amber Sunrise and Graphite Black.

Credits: Huawei / Reproduction

Like other bracelets in the segment, it has cardiac monitoring and sleep quality management. For fans of physical activities, it offers the possibility of monitoring nine exercise modes and details results such as steps, distance, speed, calories, etc. Band 4 also has water resistance up to 50 meters deep, gyroscope and accelerometer.

With a customizable interface, the smartband is able to exchange information directly with the smartphone. It is capable of receiving notifications from applications, messages and phone calls. Find My Phone and remote shutdown can also be integrated between the wristband and the cell phone.

Huawei points out that the Band 4 does not need cables or chargers, since the USB plug is built into the device itself and can be plugged into any USB port, making it easy to charge 100 mAh battery anytime, anywhere. According to the manufacturer, a full charge guarantees a six-day autonomy.


With a color screen and more resolution, this may be the best option for cheap fitness wear

To check the performance of other smartbands, we have a complete analysis of the Honor Band 4, which also competes with popular competitors, such as Xiaomi's Mi Band line devices. Huawei's options stand out for combining good resources with a competitive price. We also did an analysis of the successor, Honor Band 5.