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HomePod's “leaked” firmware confirms new iPhone design and IR facial recognition

Just yesterday we published an article bringing some curiosities about the HomePod extracted from a firmware of your operating system, apparently ?leaked? by Apple itself ahead of time.

Because what they found in it were much, much hotter things about the new iPhone? Starting with this here:

New iPhone design / cone

Yes, there is a cone hidden inside a framework private of the HomePod system that basically confirms the design of the ?iPhone 8?, with its thin frame and screen taking up almost all of its front.

And more:


Click / tap to enlarge the images.

A number of code references also "confirm" that the new iPhone will have, as rumors indicate a long time ago, a new facial recognition system by IR (infrared) that is, which should work even without the presence of light. This feature would be codenamed "Pearl ID", while the new iPhone identified as D22.

There is nowhere to run, folks, official Apple stuff, really. ?