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HomePod firmware "confirms" the arrival of an Apple TV with 4K / HDR support and an Apple Watch with cellular connectivity

That HomePod I'll tell you! When the speaker firmware leaked, no one imagined that so much information from so many Apple products would be confirmed like that. But the reality is that a lot, but a lot of things is not only from HomePod itself like the ?iPhone 8? and the ?Apple Watch Series 3? has already appeared around the world.

Now, we have more news regarding set-top box and Ma's watch!

Apple TV with 4K content support

An Apple TV with 4K content support was ventilated by Bloomberg in February this year; recently, we reported that some users of the iTunes (Movie) Store started to see content indications in 4K / HDR in the online store. Well, if anything was missing for you to believe that this new Apple TV will in fact arrive no longer!


Guilherme Rambo, developer and reader of MacMagazine who has been investigating the HomePod firmware and discovering a lot of Apple?s plans, found the missing references for us to ?spike? that, even in 2017, we?ll see not only a new Apple TV being released as a key turnaround on iTunes ( Movie) Store, which must necessarily offer content compatible with the specifications of the new set-top box (which also include support for Dolby Vision).

Apple Watch with cellular connectivity

J the developer Jeffrey Grossman detected a possible reference to an Apple Watch with support for cellular connectivity, a feature that has been widely speculated for the next generation of Apple's watch.

After the rumors that came out of the Apple Watch LTE, I examined the HomePod firmware and found this (Gizmo the name of the Apple Watch).

This because of string GizmoPreservingeSIM. Gizmo, for those who don't know, code-named Apple Watch within Apple; YES the acrylic for Subscriber Identity Module, or Subscriber Identification Module, something currently essential for GSM technology, the most used by mobile operators in the world.

Before you think your Apple Watch will have a tray for you to put a SIM card in, hold this thought! That's because most likely the watch will use what we call an integrated SIM card, something that Apple already does on iPad Pro as we can see on this page. In practice, the technology is implemented within the device and you choose your data plan by the device itself, in a simple and easy way.

Another string which mentions the connectivity capabilities of the watch to GizmoRadioBundleIdentifier, which could refer to the Apple Watch Series 3 cellular radio allegedly provided by Intel.

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There will be nothing left for the product launch keynote (s)! ?

via MacRumors