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Google launches version of its new Assistant in Portuguese, already available in the messenger Allo

If you want more proof that Google urgently needs to give classes on fast regionalization and appreciation of international markets Apple, t a: the Mountain View giant announced today that its successful Google Assistant, the new version of artificial intelligence technology that ?talks? to the user, is now available in Portuguese from Brazil in the instant messaging application Allo.

In addition to the Portuguese, support for the Hindi with this, the two languages ??are the third to gain support on the platform, after English and German. It is worth noting that this is not simply a job of translation, as Google notes: there is a whole process of regionalization, of adapting responses to the country's culture. Point for the company, therefore, to glimpse the importance of the Brazilian market.

With the novelty, it is possible to talk in our native language about a series of subjects, ask questions, ask for directions, make advanced / targeted requests, and even evoke the Google Assistant within a conversation with a real person to share information with the other person. side of the line.

I quickly tested the feature and the Brazilian assistant really owes nothing to her original counterpart to perfectly understood speech, the ability to understand complex questions well calibrated and support for contextual requests the best in the industry (sorry, Siri). Also available is the smart reply feature, which suggests common responses based on the context of the previous message; this one unfortunately I couldn?t test it simply because I still don?t know any real person using Allo.

Ah, there's more: to get deeper into the vicissitudes of Brazilian popular culture, Google hired a group of graphic designers to create stickers specific to the national market, the majority inspired by the memes in vogue at the moment yes, you will find stickers with "miga, sua loka" or "samba in the face of society". The perspective that these stickers I keep updating myself with time and the constant metamorphosis of our current vocabulary.

Allo with the new Google Assistant in Portuguese, intelligent responses and the incredibly wonderful new stickers can be used right now if you don't have the app yet, you can download it for free from the App Store or Google Play.

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