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Father's Day 2018 celebrated by Google with Doodle | Internet

Father's Day 2018 celebrated by Google with a Doodle this Sunday (12). The image shows a painting of colored hands with ink on paper, representing a family of dinosaurs. Each hand corresponds to a letter of the word Google and together they form the company logo.

The design is the same already displayed this year by the search engine to honor the date in other countries, such as Poland, Austria, Nicaragua and Colombia, which celebrated Father's Day in June.

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Google Doodle for Father's Day 2018 Photo: Reproduo / GoogleGoogle Doodle for Father's Day 2018 Photo: Reproduo / Google

Google Doodle for Father's Day 2018 Photo: Reproduo / Google

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Traditionally, Google honors the date with illustrations. In 2017, Doodle featured a family of animated cacti in a GIF. In 2016, as the date coincided with the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the animation showed parents and children represented by fruits in sports activities.

Different from other years, the 2018 design is composed by a static and non-animated illustration. In addition, the image is available in both the web and mobile version of the search engine and can be shared on social networks or by email.

Father's Day celebrated on different dates around the world. Most countries celebrate the occasion on the third Sunday of July, such as the United States, Argentina, Mexico and the United Kingdom. Elsewhere, the date varies throughout the year. In Germany, for example, parents are remembered 40 days after Easter, while in Portugal the celebration takes place on March 19, the day of So Jos, father of Jesus.

The history of Google Doodles

The history of Google Doodles

In Brazil, the date was celebrated for the first time on August 16, 1953, the day of So Joaquim, at the initiative of Jornal O Globo, and was kept every second Sunday of August. The Brazilian tradition is that children give gifts to their parents and join for family lunch.

The technology helps children who wish to make a card or send a Happy Father's Day message. Canva is a free online image editor, which offers ready-made templates, and can be used both on mobile phones and on the web version. Messages of love and affection can be shared by WhatsApp and other social networks.

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