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Facetune 2: the newest version of the famous selfie editor, now freemium, arrives on the App Store

If you check the App Store for paid apps that are in the first place, it is very likely that you will find the name ?Facetune?. This app is the easiest way to ?touch up? your selfie and he just won his second verse, the Facetune 2, with several improvements including price.

Facetune2 app icon: Selfie Editor

Facetune 2, like the first, allows you to edit photos of faces, which can smooth out spots, pimples, wrinkles, skin oils and much more. The application did not become famous by chance: it manages to obtain excellent quality, almost equaling more professional software such as Photoshop and others, but obtaining the result in a much easier way.

The great feature of the app is the possibility to automatically detect the contour of faces and create 3D models. Thus, it is possible to basically move the entire face: reshape the nose, increase the smile, adjust the contour, whiten the teeth, add effects on the eyes and hair, among other things. In addition to all this, the new app arrives with several new filters for the photos and also artificial lighting with a professional studio ?face?.

With the first app being so profitable, of course they wouldn?t play to lose: the new free version to download, but there?s a kind of ?store? inside the app, for users to make purchases regarding the effects that can be purchased separately or through a subscription that entitles you to all filters and effects, for $ 4 monthly, $ 15 half-yearly or $ 20 annually. About this onslaught, the creators said: "If we want to create a serious tool company, we need to monetize as it is currently done" and there is no doubt that it will continue to raise well.

If you want to know how ?magic? works, download it directly from the App Store and see the easiest way to edit your selfies.

[via The Verge]