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Drone use and interior mapping would be the next improvements that Apple will bring to its Maps system

If there is an application from Apple that is right behind your competitors the Maps. Of course, we cannot deny that this year several new features and expansions reached it, but there is still a lot to improve. And, it seems, Ma is really striving to improve its service, as reported by Bloomberg.

The publication brought information that Apple was planning to use drones to map locations and update information in the Maps application. Sources say the company would already be putting together a team of both robotics and data collection to operate the drones, which I will be able to work much faster than the minivans currently used by the company.

Apple wants to use drones to do things like examine street signs, monitor changes to roads and areas under construction. The collected data will be sent to Apple teams that would quickly update the Maps application to provide new information to users.

The Cupertino giant has already filed an order with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for the use of drones intended for commercial purposes and was approved to ?collect data, photograph and record videos?. The permit requires the device to be operated by licensed pilots, during the day only.

Reports also say that the app is supposed to receive the interior mapping (indoor mapping), thanks to the acquisition of the specialized companies and WiFiSLAM. The function has existed for some time on Google Maps and allows users to consult plans of places such as shopping malls, airports, stadiums, museums and several other places including multiple floors.

This novelty will possibly come to the Maps app next year, along with an improvement to come to assist drivers in changing lanes while driving.

And, while these new features are appearing, the expansions also continue to occur. This month, the transit conditions resource arrived as reported by the MacRumors Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia and Gibraltar.