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Drone images show deserted highways near Milo because of Covid-19

The British newspaper The Guardian published a video recorded by a drone that shows completely deserted highways around Milo, in the region of Lombardy, at Italy. The country is the second most affected by the current Covid-19 pandemic, with 31,506 confirmed cases at the time of this writing.


The drone must be the first equipped with an ADS-B system, which identifies other aircraft

The publication team also provided a link to the website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), for those who want to learn more about the virus, its symptoms and the ways that people can avoid being infected by it.

Italy is only behind China, the country that had the first identified case of the disease in terms of Covid-19 cases. The European nation had 31,506 registered cases of the new coronavirus, with 2,503 confirmed deaths and 2,941 people recovered.

Meanwhile, China has had 80,881 people infected so far, of which 3,226 have died from Covid-19. Another 68,715 people have fully recovered so far.

In total, 198,015 cases were confirmed worldwide, with 7,961 deaths and 81,727 people recovered from the disease.

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