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Do you know those part numbers of Macs Pro? They were actually Macs mini and a new white MacBook

On Monday, we publish here on the website possible part numbers of new MacBooks Air and Macs Pro, brought by 9 to 5 Mac. The first part was ok, but the second part seems like they were wrong.

Apparently, the four codes were, in fact, of three models of Macs mini and a new white MacBook.

Mac mini from the front

Just them:

  • MC936LL / A J40, ULTIMATE USA Mac mini Server
  • MC815LL / A J40I, BETTER USA Mac mini standard configuration
  • MC816LL / A J40, BEST USA Faster Mac mini (likely BTO)

White MacBook

And this one:

The new white MacBook should come with updated processors and Thunderbolt ports, just like the natural thing happens. Similar improvements will come to Mac mini, obviously.

It makes more sense for Apple, even, to update these machines for consumers and leave its professional tower for a separate occasion (August?) Because, according to rumors, it may come with a different housing than we have known for years.