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CTT and the Government facilitate SMEs to move their physical business online during the Covid-19 pandemic

Many SMEs are at risk due to measures imposed by the Government to combat the coronavirus pandemic, especially those that have businesses open to the public to sell goods, and that have to close their doors. To overcome this effect, CTT, in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy and Digital Transition, is launching new services and special conditions to support Small and Medium Enterprises, in order to support their sustainability.

In this sense, as of today, the service Create Online Stores is available, an offer directed to SMEs linked to retail and sale of physical goods. Thus, companies start to create online stores with great ease to continue their business through the Internet.

The new service, made available in partnership with the startup Shopkit, can be subscribed on the CTT website. Companies can thus build an online store with simple and intuitive tools. CTT then guarantees the different solutions for distributing orders to customers. As explained, companies do not need technical knowledge to develop websites, as the kit has all the tools to create an intuitive business page. In addition, companies can access technical support by chat, email and phone if they have any doubts about their creation.

In addition to shipping services, companies can also access logistics solutions, as well as offering payments, so that all business issues are dealt with in a single partner in their digital store. This also includes the return of goods. CTT states that the service will be available until April 30th. Alternatively, CTT also created new conditions for SMEs to access the Marketplace Dott, created in partnership with Sonae, presenting some special benefits. All operations made on the platform are exempt from commissions for new companies that join the service until April 30th.

As explained by CTT, Dott is an online shopping mall that operates in a pure marketplace model, working with the catalog and stocks of the selling companies to present the products to its customers. With a team dedicated to helping companies sell online as quickly as possible, it is possible that the entire process can be completed in just 20 minutes.

The company also warns that it has taken security measures due to the coronavirus. During this period, subscription systems at postmen's terminals were canceled during the delivery of orders. Professionals will avoid direct contact with people during their deliveries.