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Concord Securities: new MacBooks Air will have twice as much RAM and SSD, plus backlit keyboards [atualizado]

Solid state memory, NAND flash

How about a little more fuel for the rumored bonfire surrounding the next MacBook Air update? Concord Securities' Ming-Chi Kuo says, based on information obtained in the industry, that Ma's new ultralight notebooks will receive a considerable memory upgrade.

The minimum standard for the new machines, according to Kuo, will be 4GB of RAM, to improve the performance of OS X Lion. Additionally, the minimum SSD on them will be 128GB. Both features are exactly twice as many as today. Given the extra charge charged by Apple for upgrading Airs BTO (built to order), if this is confirmed without an increase in prices, the value proposition will be irresistible.

Kuo also confirmed the expected Sandy Bridge CPU configuration, ranging from 1.6GHz Core i5 chips to 1.8GHz Core i7 chips, all compatible with up to 8GB of RAM. Something that should not be expected, however, a new type of faster flash memory, soldered to the plate, but backlit keyboards (made by Darfon) are the order of the day. If even the name of the supplier of the component came up, a sign that the thing is hot.

Given all this, although Kuo has a good club, it is good to keep one thing in mind: do you know how much of this information is official and coming directly from Apple? NONE. So if a new MacBook Air with 2GB of RAM, 64GB of SSD and unlit keyboard appears next to OS X Lion, no blame Apple for your shattered dreams: if you have to send hate mail, send it to Concord Securities.

(via AppleInsider)


It seems that now it goes: AllThingsD guarantee that rumors missed the day of the launch of the new MacBooks Air in just a week. That is, next Thursday or Friday we should see the arrival of these new machines and, most likely, OS X Lion.

But best of all, these sources confirmed several positive developments, such as the presence of backlit keyboards, twice the SSD in the minimum configuration, Thunderbolt ports and Sandy Bridge processors. Fingers crossed!