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Coach launches its new Apple Watch bracelet collection

About a year ago, Coach went on to sell three bracelets created specifically for the Apple Watch. This week, the American brand decided to update the line for the fall (from the northern hemisphere), as informed by the Haute criture.

The new bracelets are as follows: leather with rose tea applicator (black with colored flowers), printed leather (black, chalk or melo). There is also a new rexy leather bracelet (black, brown and yellow) and a new snake bracelet (red).

Some of the models / colors of the new collection.

The leather bracelet with rose tea applicator, until today, the most expensive one ever sold by the company, leaving for US $ 195; the snake one costs US $ 175, while the rexy and the printed one cost US $ 150 each.

Coach never made large quantities of bracelets seemingly to be somewhat limited, so that only a few customers can take advantage of the fact that the launches last year have been replaced now (with the exception of the floral printed leather, which has been discontinued). The new creations are on sale in the USA and will be shipped on August 19th.

Although the next generation of the Apple Watch comes in a new format, I believe that the Coach's release serves as an indication that the mechanism for exchanging bracelets remains the same. But, like everything in this uncertain life, I don?t put my hand on the fire so

Let's be on the contrary, many Apple Watch users will lose their bracelet ?collections?.

via AppleInsider