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Brazil is out of expansion plans for Apple Pay this year

The latest international expansion of Apple Pay it took place in mid-May, when he arrived in Italy, just the 16th country to receive Ma's mobile payment system. This, in itself, shows how slowly it is spreading.

In addition to the country of the boot, Apple Pay is today also in the following locations: Australia, Canada, China, Spain, United States, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland and Taiwan.

Last night, during its financial results conference, Apple revealed that it plans to close 2017 with the system running in 20 countries. The 4 new ones that will enter the play are Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Finland and Sweden. Other unconfirmed rumors / buzz also include Germany, Belgium, South Korea and Ukraine.

While it?s nice to hear about new Apple Pay expansions later this year, for us the bad news is that Brazil remains outside the company's plans. We hope, therefore, that our time will finally arrive in 2018

via MacRumors