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Are you an old gamer? Then you'll love this novelty from the same creator of GBA4iOS!

One of the coolest things about technology that we can enjoy today is emulators. Who knew it would be possible to have several old consoles and games on one device? Nowadays normal, but in the past it was unthinkable.

Smartphones have evolved so much that they are ?mini-computers? capable of performing quite demanding tasks, technically speaking. However, if you are a nostalgic gamer and would like to relive the experience of console games like Super Nintendo, Game Boy, among others, you may face difficulties when trying to run them on your computer. iDevice.

?Maybe with jailbreak?, You can think; Of course, the possibilities increase if you venture down this path, but not everyone who has the courage or desire to go through this process. What the application enters GBA4iOS, which became popular among gamers owners of iDevices because it is possible to run Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Advanced games on iPhones, iPod touch and iPad * without jailbreak*. For it to work, it was necessary to change the date of your device to at least one day before (it is preferable to put some date in 2013 or 2014).

If the site still has active download links, you may be wondering why I said "was", referring to it in the past, right? Well: last Friday (9/12), the app's creator, Riley Testut, announced the death of GBA4iOS. Calm down, it was for a very, but much more noble reason, as you can see at the end of this two-year anniversary video from the app:

Didn't catch the references on the video? I tell you: with the death of the Game Boy emulator, the creator announced the opportunity for users to test his new application, the Delta.

Unlike GBA4iOS, Delta doesn't just imitate one (or two) systems. Instead, Delta will emulate a series of consoles, starting with Game Boy (Color), Game Boy Advance, Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64. (In addition, more consoles will be added in the future, so if you have any that you would like to see added, please let me know in the comments on this post or on Twitter.)

Beautiful, isn't it? Interested? Just register to be a beta tester in this form (in english) until today December 16 (next Friday). Common users will be selected as well as several ?press? users (those who, like us, will write and / or make videos about the app) so, if you fit into this latter group too, don't forget to link your website / channel when register.

To run Delta, a prerequisite is that you already have an Apple ID and iOS 10 installed on your iDevice. Fortunately, there is no need to jailbreak, which leads us to suppose that there needs to be the same or another similar ?gambiarra? of GBA4iOS.

But not only that: if you are a designer and would like to have your art appear in the promotion of the app, you can also send it in the same form where you will register! If you are interested, download images from this link to assist you in this task.

Both those chosen to test the new app and those whose arts will be part of the promotion of the Delta will be announced next Monday, December 19th. In two days, there have been more than 2 thousand registrations, so good luck to us and all those who are interested! ???