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Apple would already be testing Samsung and LG screens with 2048 × 1536 pixels for future iPad

According to information obtained by the Korea Times, Apple would already be doing quality tests with Retina displays for a future iPad. These LCDs would have 2048 × 1536 pixels, four times the current pixel count, and would be manufactured by Samsung and LG Display.

Subpixels of an iPad Retina

Simulation of the subpixels of an iPad Retina (right).

Such tests are expected to be completed during the third quarter, when it is possible that Ma will choose one or the other supplier, and the prospects do not look good for the company. Sammy. In addition to her being at war in the courts with Apple, her OLED screens are not arousing interest in Cupertino people or even consumers in general (except geeks). LG's IPS technology, on the other hand, is already more than settled in almost the entire product line of the Cupertino giant, from the iPhone to the iMac, through the iPad and MacBooks Pro.

Assuming that this story is hot (and it looks like I need to be willing to do that), I can put together a very logical scenario around the next iPad: it could have this mystical Retina display, be moved by an A6 chip made by TSMC with it is a 28 nanometer process and, with this combination, it will have an acceptable performance in an interesting thermal envelope and benefit from a year more modern battery and RAM memory a year cheaper. It may be that the ?vectors spreading over time? are converging nicely to this scenario, in order to overcome the limitations that this ?super iPad? would have today.

The launch date would certainly be at some point in 2012 if the quality tests end in the third quarter, we will have a few more months to finalize the product and fine tune the rest of the hardware. Everything, however, is nothing more than rumor upon rumor.

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(via 9 to 5 Mac)