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Apple would already be arranging contracts with more iPad 3 component suppliers

According to information obtained by the DigiTimes, Apple would already be looking at more component suppliers for the next generation of its tablet. Given that since its launch more than a year ago, all manufactured iPads have been sold, looking for ways to expand production is fundamental to conquer more market.

iPad 2 disassembled by iSuppli

The newcomers would be Novatek Microelectronics (drivers for LCDs), Richtek Technology (power management), Capella Microsystems (luminance sensors) and Integrated Memory Logic (iML; gamma buffer solutions / Vcom integrated programmable). No dates were announced for the start of supply, but it is possible that production is scheduled for the beginning of next year.

Such an expansion in the list of suppliers would be a strategy to help control the manufacturing costs of the iPad 3 and maintain its competitive price in the market. If the rumors about the adoption of a Retina display are confirmed, any and all cost cuts will be fundamental to offset the certainly higher price of the high-definition display and the graphic hardware to power it.

(via Electronist)