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Apple stocks start the week well and set a new historic record

Last week, one day after the financial results for the third fiscal quarter of 2017 were released, Apple's shares hit a new historic record. As the bonana continued and culminated in another record day for Ma! Today, August 7, the company's papers ($ AAPL) closed the day worth $ 158.81 high of 1.55%.

AAPL (7 August 2017)

As a result, the company's market value took a small leap towards $ 820.29 billion $ 171.22 billion compared to Alphabet ($ GOOG), which today is the second most valuable publicly traded company in the world.

Executive Director (CEO) Tim Cook must be aware of the performance of Ma's roles for a simple reason: if the company's financial performance is good in the coming weeks, he could earn a bonus of 280,000 shares, now valued at a mere $ 44 million . ???

We will see if the sea remains favorable to Ma and if HomePod's deletions do not impair this performance.