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Apple shares break new record and surpass the $ 160 barrier

Remember yesterday; record today. And with a special taste, since for the first time (obviously) Apple's papers ($ AAPL) crossed the $ 160 barrier, closing the day on $ 160.08 (an increase of 0.8%).

As a result, the company's market value has now jumped to $ 826.85 billion, firm and strong on the path to becoming the first publicly traded company to be worth the trifle of $ 1 rail.

Apparently things are like this because of the good performance of the company in its third fiscal quarter and the good projection for FQ4 2017. Which certainly can weigh a lot on this balance (either to further value the shares or play against this last moment ) the ?iPhone 8? after all, the smartphone today is the main product of Ma and brings with it a huge responsibility.

The coming months will be interesting! ?