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Apple releases new commercial for the series “Carpool Karaoke”, which opens next week on Music [atualizado]

Apple today released on YouTube another commercial of the series ?Carpool Karaoke?, in anticipation of its debut that will take place, as already announced, on August 8 (Tuesday of next week).

The version of the series originally created for the James Corden television show adapted for the Apple Music have half-hour episodes each, for a total of 16 in this first season. They will be released weekly, on Tuesdays.

Take a ride on ?Carpool Karaoke? original Apple Music, full of stars and filled with music. Based on the The Late Late Show with James Corden, which became a viral sensation, each episode will bring celebrity doubles from Alicia Keys and John Legend to Billy Eichner and Metallica sharing a car, humming their playlists favorites and diving into adventures.

The new series will be exclusive to Apple Music subscribers, of course.

Update 08/03/2017 s 17:35

Apple released today another preview video of the series, focused on the first episode this with Will Smith and James Corden.

It looks like fun. ?