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Apple opens official Instagram account and starts promoting photos taken with the iPhone

This Monday, August 7, the Apple officially entered the Instagram. Despite starting the movement there now, the account has been used for some time to promote campaigns such as the recent short film starring Siri and Dwayne ?The Rock? Johnson. Now, however, the account can be "followed" by users of the social network for sharing photos and videos.

Apparently Ma will use the space to share photos and videos created with the iPhone, with the hashtag #ShotoniPhone. Despite this, this is not the first time that hashtag used. Since the iPhone 6, Apple has chosen some photos to star in the campaign, which are exposed in billboards In the whole world. Now, however, users will be able to use the hashtag and have a chance to appear on the company's official account. Created a few hours ago, the profile already has more than 20 thousand followers.

Apple Instagram account

In recent years, the company has become more ?social?. She created, for example, her Twitter account even though so far it is dedicated only to the dissemination of tweets sponsored and a specific profile that offers support service; a Facebook account is also active but, just like Twitter, so far it is only used for sponsored posts.

Check out the first Apple publications on Instagram:

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