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Apple Music surpasses 20 million paid subscribers in just 17 months

The service market streaming relatively new, but has grown very quickly. If you talk to anyone who knows about this type of music service, there?s a good chance they?ll quote you Spotifybecause Swedes have been on the market for a long time (and their nature freemium ends up contributing to the popularity). Launched in 2008, it reached the mark of 20 million subscribers (to make it clear: paying) only seven (!) Years later, in June 2015. Despite the growth from 1 to c currently with more than 40 million subscribers, it it took a few years to establish itself as the giant that today.

With this information in place, let's get the main news: after * just 17 months * of its launch, the Apple Music has now passed the 20 million subscribers (paying, not counting users who have been testing the service for free for three months), as published in Billboard! If you still don't think this is an incredible feat, I remind you that already on its one year anniversary, the service had more than 15 million subscribers (this is less than six months ago).

With this great achievement, it is clear that Apple could not fail to give its opinion. The one chosen to do this was Eddy Cue, senior vice president of software and internet services at Ma. According to the executive, 60% of Apple Music subscribers did not buy any content from the iTunes (Music) Store last year. In addition, Cue stated that 50% of subscribers are from outside the United States. He still remembers the exclusive artists and what they have achieved through the service, including places at the top of the Billboard:

It's been an incredible year. We were thrilled to see that we could take artists' passions to the top. We put (the artist) Chance the Rapper on Apple Music exclusively and he reached the Top 10 at the charts Billboard (based only on reproductions), and I don't remember anything like this being done before.

The executive goes on to say that the exclusive agreements with artists will remain and that it always works well "for everyone involved" this, both for Apple and for artists and record companies. He says that there is no general policy, they only launch exclusively because "it makes more sense that way". The speech probably refers to the disagreement with the artist Frank Ocean and the record label Universal Music, which banned its artists from exclusive agreements with streaming.

Finally, Cue said that they always thought that the hip-hop genre was underrepresented on iTunes, so they are making up for it by focusing more on that style recently. Before that, Apple worked with several rock artists like the band U2 and the cone Bruce Springsteen.

From the news we saw, apparently Apple?s efforts to leverage its service streaming it has been working very well and, for sure, it will not stop there. With the initiative to launch several original series, I believe that the user base will only increase even more.

(via AppleInsider)