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Apple may use WiTricity technology to eliminate the power cord in its products

Rumors about Apple published by Wall Street Journal they always weigh more, and one of the latter was quite bold: it is said that the iPhone 6 can use a new type of technology to recharge its battery. The first thing that comes to mind, as with the Palm Pre and HP TouchPad, but the MacRumors pointed out that something much more elaborate may be in the sights of Ma: WiTricity.


Basically, this technology works with the creation of special magnetic fields that could create electric currents when in the presence of compatible equipment. Think of it as if it were AirPlay: a wonderful technology, but it only works with (expensive) things created specifically for that. How to make this technology practical in everyday use?

Wireless charger patent

A patent may have the answer: just over a month ago, Apple patented what would essentially be an iMac capable of generating magnetic fields and recharging gadgets in its vicinity without the need to use wires. That way, even if your home is not equipped with brain cancer generators (ok, say technology is safe) magnetic fields, your next iMac can be equipped with this and become a wireless charging station with a bonus computer, almost in the same way as the Apple TV the only thing on the market compatible with AirPlay without costing a small fortune.

Of course, then start the #mimimi of people complaining that you have to put the iPhone too close, that the recharge is slow, that smartphone so-and-so with Android recharges 2m away (when you buy the optional base of $ 300, of course ), while the iPhone only recharges at 1m, someone will find that the device does not recharge when you hold it in a certain way and the world will continue exactly as it is now, only with less wires.