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Apple is first in the ranking of physical stores with more sales per square meter

The success of physical stores is mainly due to sales per square meter. According to the CoStar, that number has fallen over the years and now the general mean per square foot (1 sq ft = 0.092903 m) of only US $ 325, when in the early 2000s it reached US $ 375.

However, despite this drop that has a lot to do with the growth of online sales, some physical stores continue to have great sales. This is the case Apple that, as shown by the data provided by eMarkter, the # 1 in physical store sales, achieving about $ 5,546 per square p.

As John Gruber, from the Daring FireballEven if other manufacturers are very successful in sales, none provide their customers with an experience as good in physical stores as Apple. This is because, as we can see, the quality and attention paid to their systems and products also appear in the organization of stores and in the service and these qualities, my friends, win people over very easily.

In order to compare with other markets, the leader in sales in the food industry is the frozen yogurt maker from Reis & Irvy?s, which makes US $ 3,970 per square foot. Already the leader in fuel sales, which earns $ 3,721 per square foot, to Murphy USA.

Tiffany & Co. leads the jewelry sector, with sales of $ 2,951 per square foot, while lululemon athletica, along with its subsidiaries, tops the apparel industry list, with sales of $ 1,560 per square foot.

via Apple World Today