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Apple explains everything about Lion Recovery, designed to repair and / or reinstall Mac OS X 10.7

Today, along with the long-awaited release of OS X Lion, Apple published details about the so-called ?Lion Recovery? both on a special hotsite and in a support article.

Lion Recovery on a MacBook Air

Starting with Mac OS X 10.7, the system creates a recovery partition on the user's disk, occupying about 650MB. It is used to repair or reinstall the system without the need for a physical installation disc. The idea is that users will never need it, but it is good to know that it is there in case of need.

To reach the Lion Recovery main screen, users need to restart the Mac by holding Command + R. There, a number of resources are at your disposal, including Disk Utility (Disk Utility) for disc repairs. Anyone who wants to can also reinstall Lion from scratch, as well as restore a Mac from a Time Machine backup. Even Safari works, allowing the person to get support online.

In even more serious cases, such as failures in the hard disk itself, the way is Internet Recovery. With it, Lion downloaded directly from Apple's servers (via Wi-Fi or Ethernet) and installed from Lion Recovery. This feature is present on all new Macs released from now on, starting with the recently announced MacBooks Air and Macs mini.

In addition, as we highlighted earlier, Lion will also be marketed on a USB stick for $ 70, starting in August; the price for Brazilians has not yet been announced by Apple. Anyone who doesn't want to / can wait can, of course, follow the tutorials on how to create your own Lion boot DVD or use a conventional USB stick for that. Ultimately, the exit is to install Snow Leopard from scratch and then upgrade to Lion.