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Apple begins to update images of its products with OS X Lion [atualizado]

OS X Lion did not arrive neither yesterday nor today, but software compatible with it is already popping up on the Mac App Store and is now only a matter of a few days until the final release.

Another indication that Leo is about to leave the cage were images of possible new LED Cinema Displays with Thunderbolt, which leaked earlier. However, they were not the only new ones: Apple is already updating product photos on its Online Store with OS X Lion.

An example is the iMac page, which even in the Brazilian store is already ?running? Lion:

iMacs with OS X Lion

It is natural that, once the new operating system is released, all new machines sold by Apple leave the factory with it installed. In addition, as we have highlighted here on the site, everyone who purchased new Macs from June 6, 2011 will be entitled to the free upgrade.

(tip from Reinaldo Versuri)


And the images were taken down and are even broken on the Apple website. At least our screenshot remains as a record.