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Apple already has enough trees to make up for all its paper packaging

Last week, Apple released a cartoon video telling how it came up with the idea of ??creating its own forest. And, according to the Environmental Leader, it seems that the company already has enough trees to compensate for all its paper packaging.

The Chinese vehicle Xinhua reported that Apple would have announced that the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the body responsible for creating ecological forest standards, has certified approximately 320 thousand acres (about 1,294km) of forests in China.

This certification allows the company to create and protect sustainable forests in order to offset the use of fibers used in the packaging of its products. And, to further improve this aspect and save more fibers, it seeks to use smaller packages and recycle more and more the paper it uses.

As Apple said in an email, two thirds of this newly certified forest will be managed by Maoyuan Forestry, in Hunan Province, while the rest will be taken care of by the state company Qinlian Forestry Companyin Guangxi. Both companies worked with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to achieve FSC certification and implement forest management plans, training employees to identify ?High Conservation Value Forests?.

In 2015, Apple's Chinese forestry program was created in partnership with WWF, with a commitment to create or transport 1 million acres (~ 4,046km) of forest to be responsibly managed by 2020.

After just two years, the number has now reached 300,000 acres (~ 1,214km) and is increasing more and more. Lisa Jackson, Apple's vice president of environment, policies and social initiatives, told the GreenBiz how China is favoring this type of initiative.

We found that the Chinese were willing to be wonderful partners, both in the private and public sectors, as they really value forests. We are discovering that China is a very fertile soil for ?planting? ecological programs.

Apple's reforestation program, started in 2015, had its genesis in the United States, Maine and North Carolina, with 36,000 acres (~ 146km) of forests, and the company is increasingly investing in initiatives to improve (or harm less) the environment.

via AppleInsider