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Another leaked image corroborates the design of the “iPhone 8”

At this point in the championship, the design of the "IPhone 8" certainty, especially after the leaks from the firmware from HomePod. Need more confirmations? No, but the accurate Evan Blass published an image that corroborates even more with what we have seen in recent days.

As he says, the image shows what the ?iPhone 8? would look like in a case, exactly with the clipping of the screen that we see repeatedly. Although the exact manufacturer of the case was not mentioned, the 9to5Mac discovered that URBAN ARMOR GEAR (more precisely, we are talking about the case PLASMA SERIES, quite popular among users of Ma).

This is not the first time, however, that a specific case appears for the new iPhone that has not yet been released. In June, Olixar went ahead of everyone and launched its new cases months before the ?iPhone 8?.

Although Blass has a very good hit record, this new image may not be such an original work. This, Benjamin Geskin, who gained notoriety this year for some leaks, stated that it would be based on a surrender Yours, since the reflection of the cameras is exactly the same. #TretaTech

Without wanting to enter into this merit of those who are right or not, the fact is that: 1. we have no more doubts about the design of the ?iPhone 8? and, then, everything that emerges from here will be ?confirmation of confirmation?; 2. the machine of rumors so clever that the manufacturers trust to the point of not waiting for the official announcement and leaving their projects triggered. ?

Anyway, it won't be the last time that units will appear dummies or renders the type; just wait, they spring up in droves every second until Apple ceases all of that with the official announcement.