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Analysts ponder financial consequences of growing Apple-Samsung feud

What to do when one of your biggest partners turns out to be a Judas? In the case of Apple, dancing by imitating Shakira is not an option, so breaking up relationships may be the most sensible thing to do, however complex the process may be. Faced with the constant battles that Ma has been waging with Samsung in the courts, it has become a question of ?when?, and no longer ?if?, the Cupertino giant will look for other suppliers to take the place of the Korean in its chain of production.

Market analysts, of course, are salivating with the possibilities. "(Apple and Samsung) have become more competitors and less partners, so I think Apple really shouldn't be seeing Samsung as their first choice for providing NAND flash," said Brian Marshall of Gleacher & Co.

Apple vs. Samsung - friends and rivals

"There is a lot of competition, especially for high profile and cutting-edge parties like Apple," said David Kanter of Real World Technologies. Talking about the production of processors for iGadgets, he added that a possible partnership with Intel would make things "even more interesting" pity the chances are small or not.

But the most highly rated name to take Samsung's place is Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp (TSMC). Fubon Research estimates that such a contract with Apple could represent 3% of the Taiwanese's annual revenue.

However, the tendency is for the partnership to continue concomitantly looking for new partners, see the entry of Chimei Innolux as a supplier of displays, for example. Doing this slowly may even be ideal, as the dependency relationship between Apple and Samsung is quite complicated. As Shaw Wu would say, ?The truth is that they kind of need each other. Another truth is that they make a lot of money with each other. ?

(via The Globe and Mail)