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Analyst predicts $ 100 billion increase in Apple's market value if it launches an HDTV

Joining Piper Jaffray, Ticonderoga Securities and Morgan Stanley, UBS Investment Research was yet another analysis firm that said today to bet on the arrival of an HDTV with the Ma brand.

Apple HDTV (iTV, Apple TV)

Maynard Um, an analyst, said that as giants like Sony, Samsung and Philips have products in different segments, it is difficult to determine which slice of their market cap refers specifically to the television segment, so it estimates that Apple's market value could grow from $ 50 to $ 100 billion if the company gains a similar clientele from its competitors.

One does not see Apple's entry into the segment as 100% certain, but sees logic in the movement maybe not yet next year and really believes that this ?iTV? may consist of a really differentiated offer, combining a high definition TV with resources from the set-top box Apple TV in an elegant and easy to use solution, fully integrated into the iTunes ecosystem.

In a parallel note, the analyst also suggests that Apple may expand its "Genius Bars" by offering a more complete and paid service to consumers, who will be able to buy product packages and have them all installed and configured at their homes. The novelty could not only contribute $ 2 billion in annual revenue to Apple, but also accelerate the ?Halo Effect? of sales of iProducts.

(via AppleInsider)