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After better-than-expected financial results, Apple shares break new historic record

Apple's shares have not broken their historic record since May 13. Then they wavered a little, plummeted strongly in June, and since then, they have been going up slowly and almost steadily.

Today, shortly after Apple released financial results above expectations yesterday, the $ AAPL hit historical record again. Stocks soared 4.73%, closing the day quoted at $ 157.14 with a maximum price of $ 159.75.

As a result, the company's market value jumped to thunderous $ 819.3 billion $ 169.5 billion compared to Alphabet ($ GOOG), which today is the second most valuable publicly traded company in the world.

Who should be very excited about these numbers is the executive director (CEO) Tim Cook, not only for the health of the company itself but because, depending on the performance of $ AAPL in the coming weeks, he could win a bonus of 280,000 company papers ( today valued at doctors $ 44 million).

Analysts in general are quite optimistic about the ?iPhone 8? prospects, and Apple's own revenue forecast for its fourth fiscal quarter (between $ 49 and $ 52 billion) gives indications that at least some models will be, made available for sale in September. So we hope.