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4K / HDR content starts to appear on iTunes [Movie] Store

In the matter of whether, only when. I'm referring to the content's arrival in 4K in the iTunes (Movie) Store, something that has been aired for a few times but that, so far, has not yet materialized. Why do I say that? Well, the resolution standard is already well established in the market; there were rumors that the fourth generation Apple TV itself would support 4K content, something that unfortunately was not confirmed.

Obviously, the rumors of the coming set-top box, which is bad in the legs, involve the ability to transmit 4K content, which may help to boost sales of the product even though, in my opinion, just the arrival of this novelty is not enough to steer this scenario of falling sales.

The fact: does anyone imagine a new Apple TV arriving without 4K content support? Yeah, it looks like neither Apple. This is because some users of the iTunes (Movie) Store started to repair an unusual mark in the purchase / rental history of movies in the online store, as reported by MacRumors.

4K / HDR movies on iTunes (Movie) Store

User Tomas Jackson recently purchased the movie ?Passengers? ("Passengers") and, when checking your shopping history, you came across two unusual acronyms: 4K and HDR (High Dynamic Range, or Great Dynamic Range), two ?resources? not yet offered by Ma. The information was shared in the discussion forum of MR and, from there, started a hunt for acronyms in the iTunes (Movie) Store history. Many people found nothing, but another user confirmed that the film ?Fantastic Animals and Where to Find It? (?Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them?) also has 4K and HDR inscriptions.

Of course, when playing such media, the 4K and HDR options themselves are not really available; but the call sign shows that Apple is already working to offer content in these formats. And I go further: as I don?t think turning the key to a 4K catalog an isolated action, such a measure will most likely come with a possible Apple launch, be it a new Apple TV or even the arrival of the rumored service in streaming video files from Apple (which would debut at 38402160 pixels).

Now we can only sit and wait. ?