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10 best apps for team meetings

Before just considered a trend, now thehome office it has become a priority for anyone who does not work in an essential service, such as supermarkets, pharmacies and medical offices, for example. Having apps for team meetings on your computer or smartphone has become paramount.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of alternatives to virtually bring your work team together. This makes it possible to conduct meetings over the internet, without the need to cancel or postpone them.

These apps for team meetings are already used frequently by professionals who are already working at home. You can even use them to get some clients or students and maybe make an extra income with your knowledge.

If afternoon coffee is needed, you can very well use these apps for team meetings to hold videoconferences just to keep the conversation up to date! You just need to be careful not to ruin your productivity.

So, follow us through the next paragraphs and start your search for the best app!

1. Zoom

One of the most suitable is Zoom, available for computers and Android and iOS smartphones. You can attend audio or video conferences for free.

Access is also easy. Simply create a room, generate the link and send it to the participants, who must also have the program installed. For them, just click on the link and the application will open automatically.

It is also possible to set up a work room, for those who prefer a kind of virtual office, in which everyone can communicate during working hours.

Click on the link and get to know Zoom right now!

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<h2>2. Whereby</h2>
<p>Available on both computers and smartphones, it is recognized as one of the easiest to use.</p>
<p>Whereby allows you to make video or audio conferences, in addition to having integration with YouTube and the possibility of sharing your computer screen. To keep it simple, however, it does not have many extra functions.</p>
<p>Meet Whereby by accessing his page!</p>
<h2>3. Google Hangouts</h2>
<p>One of the most popular apps, Google Hangouts allows you to start a video conference in seconds. Just go to your page and choose a contact, if you have an active Google account.</p>
<p>It is also possible to just exchange text messages or make a phone call, if you have an account number associated with it. It recently lost its ability to hold live conferences, but the other features continue to operate.</p>
<h2>4. Google Meet</h2>
<p>Suitable for corporate users, Google Meet can be a solution if your company has never incorporated work at home before.</p>
<p>It makes it possible to synchronize calendars to facilitate meeting scheduling, screen sharing and a more professional interface, since Hangouts is intended for conversations between friends.</p>
<p>Click the link to access Google Meet!</p>
<h2>5. Skype</h2>
<p>Perhaps the most famous among applications for team meetings, Skype was the first to allow videoconferencing.</p>
<p>Today it is possible to use Skype on both the computer and the mobile phone, including an online version for browsers and even on the Xbox One console, also from Microsoft. It also makes it possible to share the screen, ideal for teaching processes or how to use software, for example.</p>
<p>Skype also allows you to make international phone calls cheaper than in the conventional telephone system, the famous DDI.</p>
<p>Click the link to use Skype!</p>
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